What is a Carbonless Paper Roll?
Carbonless paper rolls (NCR rolls) are widely used in businesses to create copies of important documents like receipts and invoices without the need for carbon sheets. The pressure applied on the top paper when printing causes a transfer of the image on the subsequent ply. This is thanks to the microencapsulated ink that coated the paper.

A typical carbonless paper roll has at least two ply. The top ply contains the image and the subsequent ply contains the copy of the image transferred. Carbonless paper rolls are available in a variety of colour combinations, with white and yellow being the most common, followed by white and pink, and others.

Why is a clear printout is important?
Carbonless paper is used by businesses for creating copies of transactions such as invoices and receipts. To make sure they are accurate and helpful, the printout must be clear. This important characteristic brings the benefits of efficient record-keeping, improved customer satisfaction, and improved workflow. It’s important to use high-quality paper with properly maintained printers to avoid printout issues.


Clear printouts are important for some of the following reasons:

Accuracy: ensuring there are no errors or mistakes in the document which can cause disputes.
Record-Keeping: easy to keep accurate records of transactions without the worry of smudges. Especially important for claims or tax deductions.
Customer Satisfaction: easier for customers to read and understand the transaction information. Efficiency: There is no need for extra tasks for record-keeping in order to retain the clear printout. Manufacturing Carbonless Paper Roll for clear printout on all ply.

We manufacture our paper roll while keeping in mind the importance of a clear printout on all ply. We use high-quality paper that is smooth to retain the printout on the top ply. Whereas for the microencapsulated ink, we used an above-common grade on the coated back and the coated front. This is to make sure there is no capsule break leading to smudges, and also for a clear printout on the subsequent ply. To know more about our carbonless paper roll please visit our product page or click here. We also export our paper globally.